The trouble with writing

Every writer I know has trouble writing.  ~Joseph Heller


Don’t know what it is about blogging, having a blog, or just writing generally.  Every now and then I feel compelled, like some strange, overcoming fever, to write and then to share what I’ve written.

I’ve had blogs before and I even have a couple of Tumblogs.  Heck, I even have a Twitter account.  That, I must say has sated me for a while.  One hundred forty characters were a safe limit.   I could come and go as I pleased.  Emphasis on the “for the while” part.  Gradually I felt like I had more and more to say.  I was growing out of my 140 character skin and it was getting metaphorically, well, unbearable.

Prior to this feverish need to share my writing in public, I was satisfied.  I wrote every now and then, no pressure.  Well, that was until I went to graduate school.   All of a sudden, every single word became scrutinized and analyzed.   I started becoming more of a word technician and less like a writer.  You could say that my stream of consciousness dried up.


So, cheers to the New Year and my attempt at putting the fun back into writing.



  1. Yes, new year, new start. I started my Cert. IV in Prof. Writing and Editing last year, so now I scrutinise every word I write. It can make things duller but it means I sound better straight-up and make less embarrassing mistakes.

    But let’s make a pact to make writing fun again! Whoopee!


    1. Thanks! The scrutiny over my writing was not fun at all, but it has made my words more precise and clear.

      Hehehe, now that’s a pact worth pursuing! Happy writing!


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