Unusual, yet so familiar

Two days in a row.  I worked on my novel two days in a row.  Usually I would have talked myself out of working on the novel.  I would tell myself that there was more breakfast to be had or that I had something else, anything else, to do besides writing.

But there I was, talking myself into typing a page. It was a rainy Friday morning and I really could not think of anything else that needed to be done.  Couldn’t coax myself to another cup of coffee.  Just a measly page, I told myself.  If that was too much, just until you get tired.  Well, that page became two.  And today, it was three pages. No coaxing required.

Five pages in two days is such a triumph for me these days.  I hope that I can keep my morning novel writing bursts become a habit like how coffee drinking is for me.


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