Know thy neighbor

Sunrise at Hagatna Bay

When I lived in the Midwest, I stayed in a two bedroom apartment in a huge complex.  It was one of those young professional and graduate student apartments.  A lot of people that were pretty much where I was in life– young and seeking yet another degree.

I know all about the Midwestern charm.  Everyone there made it a point to make you welcome.  Heck, everyone smiled so much that you’d think it was going out of style.  But not so in my complex.

We were all ships passing in the night.  I, for one was constantly at school or at the library, while my neighbors were doing whatever it was they did  Those that I were familiar with were the dog owners who were out while their dogs were doing their own business.  Only then did I get the hellos and good mornings.

So yeah, at times it was lonely, but don’t get me wrong, I knew plenty about the people in my building.  The girl across the hall had a dog and had the occasional guest.  The guy who dragged his hamper to the laundromat was married with a wife that I later made friends with.  (She was from Thailand and made a lovely dessert.)  The couple above my unit happened to have loud fights with even louder make up sessions.  (Not going there).

So now, I’m back home.  I know most of my neighbors, mainly because I grew up with most of them.  But still I wonder about what they’re up to.

How about you?  Do you know your neighbors?  What are they like?


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