Weekly Writing Challenge: A Few of My Favorite Things


Two of my favorite possessions


This is my first time trying out the weekly writing challenge.  Though its already Sunday for me, I figured its worth a go anyway.

The two favorite possession that I decided to post are a watch and a ring.

The watch.  I purchased this watch over five years ago. I happened to get the watch as a gift for my mom.  It took me over an hour to pick out and when I settled on it, I felt satisfied.  The price cost me a pretty penny and I was glad to give it to my mom.  It turns out though that when I gave it to her, she said thanks, but that it would look better on me.  So I reluctantly, but gladly accepted.  It works out, I almost always have a watch on me.  And after five years it still serves me well.

The ring.  This ring was a gift for finishing my second manuscript.  I picked it out at a small boutique and the ring served as a reminder of my accomplishment.  I gravitated toward this ring because of the two knots.   Two knots for my first and second manuscript.  But it became more than just a symbol for finishing my second manuscript, it was a reminder of the significance of the number two in my life.  Family and friends, me and him, second chances, law and writing, work and leisure.


So there goes my first post for the Weekly Writing Challenge.  I’m already looking forward to the next one already.


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