I want to getaway tonight/Take a trip and we can take a ride

Opossom.  What can I say?  For starters, I’ve been listening to this indie-pop band for several months now.  If you asked me more than half a year ago about what I thought about Opossom’s kind of music, I would have said that it wasn’t for me.  It didn’t fit into a neat little niche.  It had a kind of dissonance. It was strange to my ear.  It was a litany of things.  But after sitting down and taking a good listen to their debut album Electric Hawaii, all those list of things began to disappear. What was hard to configure in my head/ears became the songs that I would find myself singing out of the blue.

So I’m glad to say that Electric Hawaii is now a mainstay on my playlist.

Read more about Opossom and their debut album Electric Hawaii here:  http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/17065-electric-hawaii/


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