In an Instagram….

“After long last, my turn is up”

This was the ticket that was part of a series of exciting turns for me in the month of September. Earlier that month, I received a call about a resume I submitted months ago.
They wanted to meet with me and I was excited about it. This was the make-it-or-break-it interview, if I did well, I would land my dream job. If I didn’t, I would be devastated.

Fast forward a few days, I interviewed with them. The interview went well and I felt like I made an impression. At the end of the interview, they told me that they would call in a few days. Those few days were miserable and I was constantly on edge. Then they came and went. I didn’t get the call. A feeling of dread came over me, but I didn’t know for sure. So I decided to take the first step, I e-mailed my follow-up inquiry. Later that night, I received a call.

My interviewer broke the news. I didn’t get the job, she told me. But instead of just wishing me luck and ending the call there, she had news for me. There was a sudden opening, and she said recommended me. It turns out that I did make an impression with them and they wanted me to interview for that new opening. Again, they wanted to interview me in a few days.

A few days later, I interviewed for this other position. I felt like I nailed it. I even told a close friend that I felt like I landed it. I was over the moon. So, I got another call.

This time, I landed the job. They wanted me to start right away, but I was going to be out of the country. I thought they would flip out and turn me down. But they were cool about it, and told me to start the Monday I got back.

Fast forward two months, I’m loving my dream job and glad that no matter the hiccups or setbacks, I’m glad I went through what I went through.


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