On my playlist: Anika Boh & Hollie- Don’t Really Care



I’ve recently decided to add a new weekly feature on my blog.  That is, songs from my playlist.   These songs range anywhere from classics to new music from jazz to pop.  Join me every week as I share with you some of the music that I enjoy.

My first song is Don’t Really Care by Anika Boh & Hollie.  These three women are individually excellent female vocalists from New Zealand.  After few glasses of wine, these three women decided to collaborate and so came the album Peace of Mind. (Side note:  a lot of the music I listen to have been from outside the US, although I’ve been forcing myself to listen to more.)

Let me know what you think of the song and feel free to share any songs from your playlist.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: At home with the tourists

Capturing a random tourist moment.  Hagatna, Guam

Capturing a random tourist moment. Hagatna, Guam

An up close shot of the tourist couple.

An up close shot of the tourist couple.

I call Guam home.  And others call Guam paradise, a tourist spot.  Sometimes, I’m lucky to have both.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique (on concrete)

An unexpected note. Michigan

An unexpected note. Michigan

“I live for you to walk on me.  Sincerly, Trail xoxo”

I was out walking one summer day on this walking trail.  The trail was just minutes away from my apartment.  There was a little stream by the trail, lots of gorgeous trees swaying in the breeze, and just far away from the noise of the city.   And on this walk, I see a little love note, granted spray painted, but still, I found it to be pretty random.