On My Playlist: Dick Johnson, Boh Runga, & Tiki Taane- Shadows


Did I ever mention that I really like the music coming out of New Zealand lately?

It being hump day and all, I found my musical taste gravitating towards something chill and trance-like. A song that didn’t remind me of how far away the weekend was  (two more days?) and a song that would ease me into the rest of the week.

Insert Shadows.

As a song, it fits the groove of my week.  As a video, its all the more pleasing– black and white, interpretive dance, and dripping with sensuality and… oil?

And it just so happens that one of my all-time favorite singers makes up a third of this group.

Yeah, this song is definitely on my playlist.


What song is getting you through the week? 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the details (and still stuck in the sand)

What I saw scurrying in the sand.  Guam, USA

What I saw scurrying in the sand. Guam, USA

This week’s challenge was a whole lot of fun.  So much so, I decided to venture out to a local beach and see if I could get lost in the details.  And this is one of the photos I took.  The little ghostly crustaceans were scurrying across the beach that it was hard to resist taking a photo of one.

The scurrier itself.  Guam, USA

The scurrier itself. Guam, USA

On my playlist: Paloma Faith- Stone Cold Sober


Lately, at least this last week anyway, my ears have been craving upbeat music.  Something that would keep we energized and I found myself listening to music by Paloma Faith.  Her voice keeps me drawn and attentive.  Although, it would be easy to lump her with Adele and Amy Winehouse, I find myself keeping in her own category.  She’s soul, she’s flamboyant, sigh, she’s just fun visually and auditory.  I’m just trying to keep up.

And what have you been listening to this week?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details (and the sand)

Somewhere in the sand.  Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

While looking up at the sky, things happen on the sand. Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

I’m a sucker for looking up at the sky.  Sometimes even to the point of causing neck pain, but what can I say, the whole sun peeking through the clouds bit always fascinates me.  For this photo, I was aiming for the sky.  When I was satisfied with the shot, I stepped back.  It just so happened, that while I was fixed on the sky, a jeep was making its way through the sand hills. Ugh, a ruined photograph! But I thought, what the heck, interesting things happen on land too.

What emerged

What emerged

Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.”  ~Rachel Carson