Its that time of year again… mango season!



Ahh, at last.  Mango season.  It seems as if its been a lifetime since mangoes hung from the tree, but now that its here again, I can say no to any mango confection thrown my way.  If only I had a bigger stomach….


On my playlist: Anna Coddington- Bolt

Run, run, but don’t leave me/ My life is not easy

I’ve been bit of a 5k fiend lately.  By no means am I an awesome runner, but I’ve become more fascinated with challenging myself and beating my previous 5k times.  This song is by Kiwi singer Anna Coddington.  Its from her second album Cat &Bird.  

By the looks of the video and the lyrics, you can easily guess that I chose this as one of the songs on my 5k playlist.  This song is no stranger on my iPod.  I just thought it would be fun listening to this song while I was dying, er, running on the course.

What do you listen to while you run/walk?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color (by the side of the road)



Roadside fruit stand.  Tagaytay, Philippines.

Roadside fruit stand. Tagaytay, Philippines.

This is but one of the many fruit stands that I passed by on this Saturday morning.  It was a colorful morning and I’m not just talking about the rainbow colored umbrella.  I remember tasting mangosteen for the first time.  I remember standing by the car and sampling the sweet fruit. And I also remember not caring that the fruit juice was running down my arm.