Setting out for jealousy and finding humility.


Retelling freedom.  A plaque from the War in the Pacific Park.  Asan, Guam.

Retelling freedom. A plaque from the War in the Pacific Park. Asan, Guam.


I initially set out to photograph something green to meet yesterday’s daily prompt. My mission was to find something that related to the “green-eyed monster.”

I set out on a walk earlier this afternoon hoping to take a walk and a couple pictures along the way. What I did find was worth the taking time out of my walk and photographing. It was a plaque aged and green retelling the liberation of Guam on July 21, 1944. I spent nearly an hour reading various plaques along the way recounting that day in July about how many American soldiers fought the Japanese to free the people of Guam. And with every sentence, I became humble and grateful for those that lost their lives on the shores of Asan.

I thank all the brave men and women out there, past and present, for sacrificing your time and, for some, your lives. No matter how busy we are, let us never forget your sacrifice.

Your silent tents of green
We deck with fragrant flowers;
Yours has the suffering been,
The memory shall be ours.

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


On my playlist- Fitz and the Tantrums- Out of My League

That you were out of my league
All the things I believed
You were just the right kind
Yeah, you were more than just a dream
You were out of my league
Got my heartbeat racing
If I die don’t wake me
Cause you are more than just a dream

Ah, the songs that come up on my radar.   Fitz and the Tantrums’ Out of My League is all kinds of catchy, energetic, and, for some odd reason, makes me feel as if I’m having some sort of flashback.  To add, its very reminiscent of young romance and naivete.  Kind of like a John Hughes movie, but only more sweet and innocent.  Underdog gets girl, late night romance, that category.

Sure its a bit sticky and contagious, but I kinda dig it and that’s why its on my playlist.

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