Weekly Photo Challenge: Family (of Three Generations)

Women of Three Generations. Hagatna Bay, Guam.

The Women of the Island. Hagatna Bay, Guam.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning (with Peace)

The Russian word for peace.  Guam, USA

The Russian word for peace. Guam, USA

On my nightly drives home, I would always see the word peace in bright lights shining from the hilltops.  The bright lights were from the Peace Festival and shined like a lighthouse calling out the islanders from the dark roadways.  The festival had been running since last month and every time I would tell myself I would go when I made time.  And sure enough, I finally made time to attend the festival.  The festival theme involved peace and Christmas.  There were the usual Christmas characters of Santa, the elves, Rudolph all in lights.  Although it felt weird seeing Santa, the elves, Rudolph and the like at this juncture of the year, it was still a beautiful sight to  see the Christmas spirit still alive and kicking, not to mention being surrounded by so many lights.

Not your ordinary Christmas tree.

Not your ordinary Christmas tree.