Photo 101: Triumph


Triumph comes in the form of a healthy concoction of beets, carrots, and a bunch of other healthy stuff that I can’t remember.   This “Morning Sunshine” was my reward for braving Black Friday, horrible traffic, and resisting the urge to eat anything and everything sugary and all out bad for me. 


On my playlist: Is This How You Feel? by The Preatures

In each of us there are always these two
The one who stays, the one who’s leaving you
I could keep on with the same mistakes
Or I could make them with you

There was time that most of the music I gravitated to came from New Zealand and Australia.  So much so, I didn’t keep up with the American music scene at all.  These days my ears have been listening to more and more American indie.  But, every once in a while I find myself listening to acts from Australia and New Zealand again.  Take a listen to Australian band The Preatures.