Art close to home

I used to think that I had to leave the island to find excellent artwork.  But a lot lately, I’ve come to enjoy local  artistic talent such as those above. 

When I was younger I didn’t spend too much time dwelling on art or even cultivating any interest in art. I knew that I was not good at drawing and no one really encouraged me to learn more about art. (Not that I wanted to.) So, I don’t know exactly when that interest finally took root or what work of art inspired me, but I know that I must have given in to some sudden curiosity. It was probably something sudden like  a moment wandering in a random gallery which later became hours spent in a museum.

My fascination in art was often in other places far from Guam such as New York City and the West coast. So, having returned home, I wondered if that fascination would continue and if it would strike a chord like those I had seen Stateside.  And it has, in the small exhibitions in local galleries and in hotels and even shopping centers. I found myself wanting to know more about local talent and to see more artwork. 

Regardless of where and when I  admired art or my slow and gradual love of art, I am glad that I do not need to go too far to admire artistry and talent. 


Street art in Brooklyn

Graffiti in Williamsburg, NYC.

Graffiti in Williamsburg, NYC.


Somehow, I made it back to Brooklyn earlier this year.  As I was walking back from the L train, I stumbled upon street art.  I couldn’t resist but to take a couple of photos.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece (at happenstance)


Behold the stars. New York City, New York

Behold the stars. New York City, New York

“Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. Then life seems almost enchanted after all.”
― Vincent van Gogh

A couple of years ago, during an event called the Museum Mile, I decided to pick one museum to spend my afternoon.  I picked the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. I remembered waiting on the steps of the Met waiting for the five o’clock to hit.  I also remembered not looking for anything in particular.  So when I was wandering aimlessly taking in all the art on the walls, two dimensional or not, I didn’t care to much for the crowds.   I went at my pace and took my time at each photo.  But when I noticed a lot of people huddle close to one work of art in particular, I was curious.  And this is what I saw.   A painting that I had only seen in books and on art prints.  Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.  Though I had not actively searched for it I found it and I was glad.

Months later, when I returned home, I bumped into an old high school friend.  Other than trading the usual updates and how are yous, he told me that he saw my post on Facebook about seeing this painting.  It was his life’s dream, he said, to see the painting.  And that it renewed his plans to go to New York City to see the painting in person like I had.

That encounter reminds me so often about the things that happen when we least plan for them and how, though, it may not mean much to me now, it does mean something greater and that epiphany happens when it wills it to happen.