Harmony comes in all shapes, sizes, feelings, and even flavors.  Acai bowls have become my post workout rewards as of late.  A little something that brings healthiness to my hectic lifestyle. 

What healthy habit has brought some harmony in your life?


Photo 101: Triumph


Triumph comes in the form of a healthy concoction of beets, carrots, and a bunch of other healthy stuff that I can’t remember.   This “Morning Sunshine” was my reward for braving Black Friday, horrible traffic, and resisting the urge to eat anything and everything sugary and all out bad for me. 

Full plate

Okonomiyaki (aka "the seafood pizza").  Tumon, Guam

Okonomiyaki (aka “the seafood pizza”). Tumon, Guam


Its just like me to start of a New Year off with a photo of food.

This okonomiyaki turned out to be one heck of an analogy to what 2012 turned out to be.  Just like this lunch, 2012 was a mishmash of all things sweet, savory, salty, and, yes, umami.  And though, I didn’t finish this lunch the way I wanted to, I realized that no matter how much space it took or how daunting it was, I knew I had the best plate of all, and I was just the person to handle it.

Good luck everyone in 2013!