A Saturday night well-spent: George Frideric Handel’s Messiah

Last Saturday night, I was fortunate to hear a performance of George Frideric Handel’s Messiah. It was my first time hearing the oratorio in person so I was pretty excited.   The performance included the Cantate Community Chorus, the Guam Territorial Band, the Guam Symphony Orchestra,  as well as KIA,  a classical quartet from Japan. 

I’m not a classical music aficionado,  but I’m appreciating the beauty of music more and more these days. The fact that the music is performed by individuals from the community makes it all the more enjoyable. 

Guam is much more than just a tourist destination.   It’s an island community brimming with culture, art, and humanity.


Remembering 2014

2014 was a year of ups and downs and lots of good, bad, and the ugly parts to this year. But I won’t be one to dwell on what went wrong or, rather, the lessons learned, at least not on this blog.  I will, however, share in some of the highlights.  


The Mulan production directed by Ernest Ochoco

First, I was lucky to enjoy a few of performances– Cantate, two Ernest Ochoco productions, and a Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons tribute band. 


The tinala katne (dried meat) plate at Meskla's.

Next, I indulged in some good food both local and otherwise.  My faves were the pho at Pho Thanh Xuan (they have different variations, but 7 and 12 are favorites), the tinala katne at Meskla,  and the chirashi at Sushi Ebisu. 

Third, I met and made new people.  Some I work with and the others outside of work.  I also strengthened friendships while others I just became more mindful of and reconsidered.


Returning to the tennis court after many years

Fourth, I started back up with exercising.   I joined a new gym, started a fitness schedule, and even added variety like more morning walks and tennis.


French Quarter, New Orleans.

Last, I did a bit of travelling.  I was able to go to New Orleans and North Carolina.   I even got to visit New York City again. 

So, although this year was tough, I still consider this year a memorable and blessed one.  It’s a bittersweet feeling to say goodbye but the prospect of a different year ahead makes the goodbye a little more manageable.

I wish you all well this new year 2015 and thank you so much for sharing 2014 with me. 

On my playlist: Is This How You Feel? by The Preatures

In each of us there are always these two
The one who stays, the one who’s leaving you
I could keep on with the same mistakes
Or I could make them with you

There was time that most of the music I gravitated to came from New Zealand and Australia.  So much so, I didn’t keep up with the American music scene at all.  These days my ears have been listening to more and more American indie.  But, every once in a while I find myself listening to acts from Australia and New Zealand again.  Take a listen to Australian band The Preatures.

On My Playlist: Rollercoaster by Bleachers

So come a little closer
There was something I could tell ya
You were such a rollercoaster
And a killer queen you are

Sometimes Most times, I need a little pick me up by way of music to get my day started. These days its been Bleachers’ Rollercoaster.  Its the kind of music that’s fresh, but reminds me of another time.  I find myself listening to this song more than once on my commute to work.  Have yourself a listen.

On my playlist- Fitz and the Tantrums- Out of My League

That you were out of my league
All the things I believed
You were just the right kind
Yeah, you were more than just a dream
You were out of my league
Got my heartbeat racing
If I die don’t wake me
Cause you are more than just a dream

Ah, the songs that come up on my radar.   Fitz and the Tantrums’ Out of My League is all kinds of catchy, energetic, and, for some odd reason, makes me feel as if I’m having some sort of flashback.  To add, its very reminiscent of young romance and naivete.  Kind of like a John Hughes movie, but only more sweet and innocent.  Underdog gets girl, late night romance, that category.

Sure its a bit sticky and contagious, but I kinda dig it and that’s why its on my playlist.

For more info about Fitz and the Tantrums, visit http://www.fitzandthetantrums.com

On my playlist: Anna Coddington- Bolt

Run, run, but don’t leave me/ My life is not easy

I’ve been bit of a 5k fiend lately.  By no means am I an awesome runner, but I’ve become more fascinated with challenging myself and beating my previous 5k times.  This song is by Kiwi singer Anna Coddington.  Its from her second album Cat &Bird.  

By the looks of the video and the lyrics, you can easily guess that I chose this as one of the songs on my 5k playlist.  This song is no stranger on my iPod.  I just thought it would be fun listening to this song while I was dying, er, running on the course.

What do you listen to while you run/walk?

On My Playlist: Dick Johnson, Boh Runga, & Tiki Taane- Shadows


Did I ever mention that I really like the music coming out of New Zealand lately?

It being hump day and all, I found my musical taste gravitating towards something chill and trance-like. A song that didn’t remind me of how far away the weekend was  (two more days?) and a song that would ease me into the rest of the week.

Insert Shadows.

As a song, it fits the groove of my week.  As a video, its all the more pleasing– black and white, interpretive dance, and dripping with sensuality and… oil?

And it just so happens that one of my all-time favorite singers makes up a third of this group.

Yeah, this song is definitely on my playlist.


What song is getting you through the week?