Harmony comes in all shapes, sizes, feelings, and even flavors.  Acai bowls have become my post workout rewards as of late.  A little something that brings healthiness to my hectic lifestyle. 

What healthy habit has brought some harmony in your life?


Good morning to all and Good night to cancer


It’s been quite a while since I last ran and talked about it. This morning’s run was different. Although I came alone and left alone, I certainly didn’t run alone. Not in the sense that there were people that ran with me, but I ran for someone other than myself. You see, I have an aunt that survived ovarian cancer (over ten years in remission). I am grateful every day to have her alive and healthy. I count myself fortunate, because others have lost those who didn’t survive cancer.

Have a good morning everyone!
**And if you need any suggestions on what to do today, I recommend that you (or that you recommend others to) get checked for cancer.